Landfills & Solid Waste

Each year more than a million tons of solid waste and construction and demolition debris is disposed of in Mahoning County landfills, making Mahoning County one of the largest waste importing counties in the nation. In Ohio, health districts are responsible for regulating the operation of these landfills as agents of the state's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There are a total of eight landfill facilities (six closed and two active) in Mahoning County's fourteen townships. The closed Hilltop landfill in Ellsworth Township is currently regulated as a potential contamination source by the Ohio EPA, and the closed Toth landfill in Canfield Township is abandoned and classified as an orphan landfill. The two solid waste landfills located in Poland and Springfield Townships have recently received major expansion permits, thereby ensuring waste disposal capacity for the foreseeable future. 


Groundwater Monitoring Program

The Laboratory Services Division was originally developed to provide testing for the Health Department's Groundwater Monitoring Program.  This program, which has been in existence for twenty years, serves residents within a one-mile radius of the seven landfills in the county.  Currently, there are over two hundred participants in the program.

The Groundwater Monitoring Program assures homeowners around landfills that their groundwater is being monitored for contamination.  By providing continuous monitoring, the health department can spot trends early, and better protect the health of the public surrounding these landfill facilities.

The Laboratory Services Division provides detailed water test reports to homeowners that participate in the program,and is available for people with questions about their water quality.

The Groundwater Monitoring Program was recognized by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) as a "Best Practice" in the field of Environmental Health.


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