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Mahoning County
Public Health
50 Westchester Drive
Youngstown, Ohio 44515

Communicable Disease, Foodborne Illness, Public Health Emergency,
and Environmental Health Hazard Reporting
available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

Main Office Number: (330) 270-2855
Toll Free in Mahoning County: 1-800-873-MCHD
TTY service available by dialing 711 or 1-800-750-0750


Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.


Phone Extension Listing:

Community Health

136 Edison, Michelle, HUB Director
126 Hergenrother, Cathy, More 1st Birthdays
174 Iqbal, Sophia, HUB Referral & Training
115 Kerstetter, Kali, HUB Operations Assistant
142 Lewis, Cora, Infant Mortality
Coalition Coordinator
165 Mayberry, Marie, Epidemiologist
137 Panezich, Saundra, Prescription Drug
Overdose Prevention Coordinator
109 Styka, Tracy, Community Health
Education Specialist
100 Warren, Brianna, Community Outreach

Environmental Health

110  Boyles, Kristy, Sanitarian
106  Bufano, Genevieve, Sanitarian
111  Crish, Jack, Env. Health Technician
135  Fetchko, Dave, Sanitarian Team Leader
101  Gabler, Josie, Secretary
116  Gabrick, Kyle, Sanitarian
108  Hallas, John, Director
130  Holinbaugh, Amy, Sanitarian
124  Hutton, Dantan, Sanitarian Team Leader
114  LuBonovic, John, Plumbing Inspector
103  McNally, Kaitlin, Secretary
112  Masters, Colton, Sanitarian
104  Maurer, Deanna, Sanitarian
102  Myers, Nancy, Secretary
139  Napolitano, Steve, Sanitarian
105  Nigro, Tony, Sanitarian
134  Powell, Cory, Sanitarian Team Leader
133  Sellards, Shannon, Sanitarian
140  Spencer, Jason, Sanitarian
162  Stefan, Drew, Sanitarian

Finance & Human Resources

153  Affagato, Kathy, Grants Fiscal Manager
172  Hagan, Carrie, Special Projects
Fiscal Manager
143  Janik, Ed, Director
146  Keller, Lori, Billing Clerk
148  Sawyers, Darlene, Fiscal Personnel Officer
129  Svasta, Katie, Administrative Assistant

Health Commissioner's Office

144 Tekac, Ryan, Health Commissioner
149 Thompson, Julie, Administrative Specialist

Laboratory Services

181 Bolam, Scott, Director
185 Gill, Kelsey, Laboratory Clerk
184 Novak, Chris, Laboratory Assistant
182 Soubra, Janine, Laboratory Technician



122  Chaturvedi, Bharat, Epidemiologist
118  Christensen, Brenda, Public Health Nurse
138  Fortney, Lindsay, Secretary
128  Horner, Erica, Director
120  Hunter-Little, Shawn, TB Clinic Registrar
127  Jackson, Rachel, Public Health Nurse
132  Kovach, Susan, Deputy Director Community Health
125  Macala, Monica, Secretary
166  Marvin, Jacob, Epidemiologist
117  Mervin, Linda, Public Health Nurse
119  Moss, Debbie, Public Health Nurse
155  Rasor, Cara, Community Health Education Specialist
171  Woodall, Sharon, Public Health Nurse
121  Zagorsky, Diane, Secretary

WIC – Austintown Clinic (330) 792-2397

221  Davila, Lillian, Health Assistant
225  Floyd-Pleas, Loretta, Director
224  Rogers, Melissa, Dietician
227  Stacy, Megan, Health Professional Assoc.

WIC – Boardman Clinic (330) 788-1485

105  Cosma, Emily, Peer Helper
104  Dhillon, Daljeet, Education Coordinator
102  Fragoso, Rose, Health Assistant
106  Lester, Melinda, Dietician
103  Rovnak, Michelle, Dietician
101  Torres, Wanda, Health Assistant

WIC – Youngstown Office (234) 855-1575

297  Evans, Linda, Dietician
294  Holloway, Jeffery, Health Assistant
296  LeBron Ortiz, Maria, Health Assistant
295  Pontino, Catherine, Dietician

Satellite Office Telephone Numbers

330-270-2841 Laboratory Services Division
330-792-2397  WIC Austintown Clinic
330-788-1485  WIC Boardman Clinic
234-855-1575  WIC Youngstown Clinic
















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