Services and Responsibilities of Mahoning County Public Health

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Bathing Beaches, Pools and Spas

  • Inspects bathing beaches, pools and spas
  • Conducts water sampling and testing


  • Inspects and licenses campgrounds

Food Operations

  • Inspects and licenses food vendors, including mobile and temporary vendors
  • Investigates complaints and foodborne illness outbreaks
  • Reviews/approves facility layout plans

Nuisance Complaints

  • Investigates nuisance complaints: garbage, refuse storage, pets, sewage and unsanitary conditions

Plumbing Licensing and Inspections

  • Registers master and journeymen plumbers
  • Inspects residential and commercial plumbing systems

Private Water Systems (Wells)

  • Inspects new installation and existing private water systems
  • Registers water haulers

Rabies Control Program

  • Investigates animal bites and assists with quarantine enforcement
  • Provides low-cost rabies vaccinations for cats, dogs and ferrets
  • Conducts rabies surveillance

Residential Lead Hazard Investigation

  • Assists with lead investigations and final inspections after remediation


  • Conducts school inspections

Sewage Systems

  • Inspects new construction and replacement household sewage treatment systems
  • Investigates complaints related to failing sewage systems
  • Evaluates the operation of sewage treatment systems and water supplies for real estate transactions
  • Registers residential sewage system contractors, haulers and service providers
  • Manages operation and maintenance program for household sewage treatment system
  • Inspects commercial septic systems

Solid and Infectious Waste

  • Inspects active and inactive landfills
  • Enforces laws and regulations for solid waste, construction and demolition debris, compost, and infectious waste management

Tattoo and Body Piercing

  • Inspects tattoo and body piercing businesses
  • Trains and registers tattoo artists in health and safety rules

Vector Control

  • Monitors environmental conditions that can increase risks for vector-borne disease
  • Provides information and education to individuals and communities to control pests
  • Responds to public requests for vector inspections


Certified Environmental Laboratory

  • Provides 100+ analytical services for environmental samples
  • Analyzes public and private drinking water systems for bacteria and chemicals
  • Tests discharge from public and private sewage treatment systems to determine proper functioning
  • Tests soil for heavy metals
  • Tests for environmental lead exposure
  • Evaluates drinking water for homes and businesses


BABY & ME Tobacco Free

  • Provides tobacco cessation programs to help pregnant women quit smoking and stay quit after the baby is born

Children with Medical Handicaps

  • Connects children with multiple health conditions to needed services

Community Health Assessment

  • Brings community partners together to regularly assess the community’s health status
  • Coordinates community health planning to prioritize health issues, and identify and implement strategies to address the issues

Community Health Education

  • Provides educational programs on various health topics to the community

Cribs for Kids

  • Provides education and distribution of portable cribs to caregivers needing a safe sleep environment for an infant

Emergency Preparedness

  • Assists the community to prepare for and respond to intentional, unintentional or naturally occuring emergencies
  • Trains and deploys volunteers participating in the Medical Reserve Corps

Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

  • Monitors the presence of injury and illness in the community with 24/7/365 surveillance
  • Investigates illness outbreaks
  • Analyzes data to determine the source and cause of illness and injury

Fetal, Infant and Child Fatality Review

  • Reviews the circumstances surrounding fetal, infant and child deaths
  • Develops system and policy recommendations to prevent future occurrences of premature deaths

Immunization Services

  • Provides immunizations for foreign travel
  • Conducts seasonal influenze immunization (flu) clinics
  • Provides all recommended childhood, adolescent, and adult immunizations
  • Conducts physician education, outreach and surveillance to improve childhood immunization rates

MY Baby’s 1st

  • Facilitates county-wide partnership to reduce infant mortality and birth outcome equity

Preventive Health Services

  • Provides nursing resources and health education to area school nurses to improve health, prevent communicable diseases and reduce childhood obesity

Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone)

  • Provides the community-based opioid overdose education and naloxone distribution program

Tuberculosis Clinic

  • Detects and treats cases of tuberculosis in the community
  • Conducts home visitation for direct observed therapy
  • Administers TB skin tests and provides community education

Wellness Classes

  • Conducts community-based workshops to help individuals with chronic diseases improve their quality of life and health


Connecting Women to a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Partners with local care coordination agencies to ensure pregnant women receive needed services
  • Provides education and connections to resources
  • Removes social barriers to healthy birth outcomes
  • Supports, advocates for, and encourages pregnant women


Supplemental Nutrition Program provides women (pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding), infants and children under the age of 5 with the following:

  • Nutrition education
  • Breastfeeding education and support
  • Supplemental foods
  • Farmers Market Nutrition Program
  • Medical/Social service referrals
  • Voter registration


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