Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Mahoning County Public Health has set up a dedicated hotline for businesses who are violating the statewide facial covering order for Ohio.  The number to call is 330-270-2858.

The hotline can receive calls 24/7, and callers are asked to leave the name and address of the Mahoning County business and the details of the violation.  The hotline is for businesses only, and not for individuals.  For business in the City of Youngstown, callers would need to call the Youngstown City Health District.

There have been recent media reports regarding inflated COVID-19 case counts in Mahoning County.  Mahoning County Public Health and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) reports disease data in the Ohio Disease Reporting System (ODRS).  ODRS is a person-based system and not a test-based system.  If a person gets tested for COVID-19 and tests positive multiple times, each test is recorded within a person's individual record that is exclusive to that individual.  The ODRS system is designed to flag duplicate entries and any duplicate entries are corrected.  Local reported COVID-19 case counts are pulled from ODRS and any numbers that are reported on the local level or by the Ohio Department of Health do not include duplicate entries.  The case counts are based on an individual's exclusive record in the ODRS system, regardless of how many times that individual has tested positive for COVID-19.

Per the Ohio Department of Health, the report that one person was counted as 15 cases is false.  This data is being read incorrectly.  In this incident, 15 people around the same age (80 plus) were tested on the same day and were all confirmed positive, for example, mass testing conducted in a nursing home.  It is only one line item in the data file on the Ohio Department of Health Coronavirus website, becuase ODH is trying to condense the size of the file to make it easier to read.  It is not one person being counted 15 times.


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