Nutrition Education

WIC offers individual, group, and internet nutrition education. A WIC Health Professional will review your personal or your infant/child’s nutritional/medical reason for being on WIC. You will pick a nutritional goal to work on before you come for next WIC appointment.

Fun, interactive group nutrition education classes are for adults and kids. Parents can learn to prepare healthy meals in a crock pot using WIC foods. You can even have a taste at the end of the class. Children can follow dinosaur foot prints to hear a story on what healthy foods the dinosaurs ate or dress up in a cowboy hat and learn about healthy foods from the wild west. Hands on activities have included making ants on a log (celery stuffed with peanut butter and raisins as the ants).

Internet nutrition is offered for the WIC techies at and the WIC Kiosk in the clinics. Here are a few nutrition tips you will receive which ever kind of nutrition education you choose.


  • Stock up on a variety of healthy foods. Let your family members choose a snack that sounds good to them from what is offered. Eat together as a family. Talk and enjoy each other’s company rather than sitting in front of the television.
  • Don’t give up! It is important to offer your child a new food several times before he/she may choose to like it.
  • Talk to your WIC health professional about portion sizes and foods that are right for your child at his/her current stage of life.
  • Visit your local WIC clinic for healthy foods and recipe ideas.


  • Set a good example.  Make fitness an important part of your life.  Show your children that being active is fun and rewarding.
  • It is important to limit television and video games. Encourage everyone to play outside, jump rope or start a neighborhood game of kickball.
  • Provide fun, active options to your children. Help him/her want to get outside, run around and create his/her own games. Make fitness fun!.
  • Reward good behavior with fitness activities.  Take your family to the park, for a walk at the zoo or a swim at a local pool.
  • Seek family activities as a healthy way to spend time together. Walk to the library, throw a Frisbee or fly a kite. Plan for an afternoon biking adventure including healthy snacks.
  • Winter doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to physical activity.  Bundle up for fitness fun while ice skating, sledding or having a snowball fight!