The Laboratory Services Division has a full-service microbiology laboratory to perform bacteria testing on both drinking water and waste water.  The laboratory is Ohio EPA certified to test both public and private drinking water systems.

For residents using well water, a bacteria test is an important indicator of a healthy water system.  A positive coliform bacteria sample is an indicator that disease causing organisms could be present.  The Mahoning County District Board of Health recommends that well owners test their water for coliform bacteria at least once a year.  This test will indicate if bacterial contamination is present and also screens for E.Coli.  For more information about bacteria in your well, or to arrance for testing, please fee free to contact the laboratory.

Instructions on collecting a sample for bacterial analysis

Instructions for disinfecting a water well

Our microbiology section also works with local businesses, such as tattoo salons, to be sure that sterilization of equipment within an on-site autoclave is effective.  Test packets can be purchased directly from the Laboratory in batches, and can be mailed via USPS or dropped off to the laboratory after sterilization.  We provide a phone call if a test result becomes positive, and quarterly reports for customers to keep alongside their log books.  For more information about this process, or to begin your testing with the laboratory, feel free to call us during our business hours to set up an account.