Wellness Programs

Healthy U Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Do you live with diabetes, asthma, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, or any other chronic illness or life-long condition?  If so, then this program is for you!

It is a free small group workshop where you will gain confidence and new skills to better manage your chronic condition and feel healthier!

With the CDSMP you will learn ways to:

  • Deal with pain, fatigue, and depression
  • Be more physically active
  • Manage your diet
  • Relax and better handle stress

Contact us at 330.270.2855, ext.109 for information and a schedule of upcoming classes.

Diabetes Empowerment Education Program

Do you or someone you love have diabetes?  Diabetes Empowerment Education Program is a program that encourages small lifestyle change while learning about your diabetes and the way it affects your health.  Have fun while learning how to manage diabetes through these no-cost interactive educational workshops.  Enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more energetic lifestyle!

Topics include:

  • Discovering better nutrition and exercise choices
  • How to manage pain and fatigue
  • The importance of taking your medication
  • Keeping your diabetes in check
  • Talking with your doctor and family about your health

To participate you must have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or pre diabetes.  Program includes six (6) weekly sessions.  The program is free but registration is required.

Contact us at 330.270.2855 ext. 109 for information and a schedule of upcoming classes.

Classes start on September 13, 2017 at the Mahoning County District Board of Health Main Office – click here to learn more