Workforce Development

Staff Development

The Community Health Division promotes continuing education for public health staff, consults with subject matter experts to increase staff knowledge and promotes information and communication processes between all levels of public health staff.

Succession Plan

This program is part of a structured approach to workforce development in our organization that includes training needs assessments, workforce development planning, moving to competency-based position descriptions, and providing other professional development opportunities for our staff.  The Succession Plan consists of two parts; Application and Curriculum.

Candidates for the program must:

  • Meet the educational requirements for one of our management or exempt positions.  Position descriptions for these positions are posted in the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM folder on the "J" network and on the employee section of the agency website
  • Demonstrate a track record of successful job performance through favorable annual performance evaluations
  • Submit an application
  • Be recommended by the candidate's manager

Workforce Development Plan

Training and development of the workforce is one part of a comprehensive strategy toward agency quality improvement.  Fundamentals to this work is identifying gaps in knowledge, skills and abilities through the assessment of both organizational and individual needs, and addressing those gaps through targeted training and development opportunities.

The Workforce Development Plan is intended to contribute to the growth of an organizational culture of learning, quality and performance improvement, and provide career ladder opportunities for staff members.  The plan is consistent with the District Board of Health Strategic Plan goal to improve workforce development for staff.

Monthly Newsletter

The Community Health Division creates a monthly newsletter, "News from the Bridge".  This newsletter is sent electronically to all agency staff highlighting program and staff accomplishments, future training opportunities and "Parking Lot" quality improvement ideas.