Community Health Division

The mission of the Community Health Division is to facilitate the transition to Healthy Homes and Healthy Communities.  Prevention, Preparedness and Promotion are the building blocks of the Community Health Division.

Birth and Death Certificates

Child Fatality Review:

The Community Health Division helps to decrease the incidence of preventable fetal and child deaths by promotion, collaboration and communication between all groups, professionals, agencies and entities that serve families and children.

Community Health Assessment and Planning:

The Community Health Division assists with tri-county (Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana) planning to improve health and prioritize health issues in the community, identify resources, and implement strategies to address the issues.

Emergency Preparedness:

The Community Health Division develops and maintains local public health emergency preparedness capable of addressing and responding to a bioterrorism, unintentional, or naturally occuring event that results in a public health threat or emergency.

Workforce Development:

The Community Health Division promotes continuing education for all levels of staff as well as a succession plan for future leadership development.