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It's a Family Thing: Ruth's Story Read one family’s story of living with fragile x syndrome and find out what CDC is doing about this condition.Ask Ruth what it's been like having two sons with full mutation fragile X syndrome, and she'll tell you. "... Read more
Community Engagement in Health-Related Research: A Case Study of a Community-Linked Research Infrastructure, Jefferson County, Arkansas, 2011–2013COMMUNITY CASE STUDY — Volume 12 — July 23, 2015M. Kathryn Stewart, MD, MPH; Holly C. Felix, PhD, MP... Read more
Sociodemographic and Psychological Characteristics of Very Light Smoking Among Women in Emerging Adulthood, National Survey of Drug Use and Health, 2011ORIGINAL RESEARCH — Volume 12 — July 16, 2015Xiaoyin Li, MS; Carole K. Holahan, PhD; Charles J. ... Read more