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Mammography Rates for Breast Cancer Screening: A Comparison of First Nations Women and All Other Women Living in Manitoba, Canada, 1999-2008ORIGINAL RESEARCH — Volume 12 — May 28, 2015Alain A. Demers, PhD; Kathleen M. Decker, PhD; Erich V. Kliewer,... Read more
Introducing CDC’s New VetoViolence WebsiteVetoViolence is CDC's online source of free violence prevention trainings, tools, and resources. Check out theVetoViolence websiteto learn how to stop violence, before it happens.Why use VetoViolence?Are you ... Read more

Epilepsy in Children

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Epilepsy in Children It's Epilepsy Awareness Month! Learn more about how epilepsy affects kids.The term epilepsy is a broad term used for conditions that affect the brain and cause recurring seizures. More than 450,000 children have epilepsy in the Uni... Read more